Life inspiration

Mistakes. Something inevitable and human that we should not be afraid of making. It is by mistake we learn and grow as individuals, because it is from our own mistakes we learn the most. Being able to learn from and deal with the consequences of our own faults make us stronger, smarter and more capable of dealing with different situations, and in the end make us wiser and better persons.

Learning to forgive is important to get rid of spiritual negativeness. Having resentments only keep you in the evil circle of hostility towards one person and it will never give you peace. Forgive, let it go and move on. ✨

In order to be happy you have to love yourself and see your worth and beauty. No matter how many compliments you get, you will not be happy as long as you are unhappy with who you are. Your happiness comes from within your heart where love and acceptance are waiting to embrace yourself and all your worth, you just have to allow it. It’s easier said than done learning to love oneself, but changing your negative thoughts and attitude and creating a positive mindset towards yourself as well as stopping the comparisons with others are ways to start. First when you have accepted and endorsed who you are, happiness arises.

_MG_6639One thing I have learnt is to live in the now. Thinking that everything was better is just an illusion. The past may have been good, but always walking around thinking about the “good” past is just making an illusion of how things were. You can’t live in what was as well as live in what is to come. It’s good to look forward to things, but don’t allow it to let your present life slip away. Overthinking the future makes unrealistically high expectations to what will come and you will be disappointed. Love and cherish the moments today, because life passes by faster than you think. Life is now, live it.

Live without regrets and make the best out of every single day.

img_3401Learn to forgive and you will have a more enjoyable life. The past is in the past, and having resentments won’t make your life better. Let it go, forgive and move on.


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