Krakow 2015

All around the world, Poland


We went to Krakow in Poland christmas holiday 2015. My oldest sister didn’t come with us because she had to work, so it was only me, my little sister and my parents. Krakow was a really charming city, and the heart of the city was not really big so everything were within walking distance.

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The first day we strolled around sightseeing, and we paid one of those “turist taxis” to drive us around the city to get an overview.




The buildings and architecture were amazing here as well. I think that Norway is the only country without really old and majestetic buildings.


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One of the places we visited was the salt mine which were incredible. We had to go down hundreds of stairs below the earth to reach the mines. It was a bit claustrophobic down in the mines, but how the mines were made was amazing. There were large, caved rooms with statues and decorations all made of salt. Yes, I tasted one of the walls, and it was pure salt. The thing that amazed me the most was the underground cathedral. It was really beautifully made.

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We also visited the Auschwitz concentration camp. I knew what was coming, but it was so horrible to stand where so many people unfairly had lost their lives in horrific ways. It really made an impact on my seeing all that was left behind only the last week before the camp were rescued; hair, glasses, suitcases, shoes, etc. belonging to real human beings.


After the touristic visits, we explored the city centre and did some shopping, and tasted polish food. Some things were better than others, but overall I really enjoyed the food in Krakow.

IMG_6855IMG_6866This was a quick resumé of our little trip to Krakow. Honestly, I can’t remember everything because it’s like 2 years ago, but what I can remember is that I really liked the city and would definitely return if I got the opportunity.

Istanbul 2015

All around the world, Turkey


Istanbul, Istanbul what a beautiful city. Half in Europe, half in Asia with a diversity of food and culture. Turkey had never appealed to me like France, Spain or Italy because I never really knew what was in the country. I had just heard about it in the news, mostly in a negative setting, like many of my friends, but when I found out that my family and I were going to visit some friends there I started the research. It’s really sad that many people don’t dare to/can travel to this country afraid of terror, because it’s absolutely marvellous!

When we first arrived, the “worst” thing happened. Our luggage had gone missing so we didn’t have anything clean the two first days there. I wasn’t really happy, but oh well, what could we do about it but wait? Anyhow, the day we were supposed to return to Norway wasn’t better. The plane from Istanbul to the Netherlands was cancelled because of  bad weather, so we had to spend an extra day in Istanbul. Couldn’t complain about that, but we were all packed up and had left all of the local money at our friends’ place, so it was a bit of a stress. However, the stay was really fun in despite of the inconveniences from Norway to Turkey and back.

1686159-7-1427697409295Anyway, the reason why we went to Turkey was because of my dad’s best friend and his family had moved to Istanbul (work), and my parents had decided that we should pay them a visit when they first were in Europe. They are lovely people, and we had so much fun with them. We stayed at their house, and the area was so cool. They had a pool and a tennis court, and this was the first time I tried tennis ever.

1686159-11-14277284112601686159-11-1427899181247The following days we went out eating and trying the local food. The markets here are amazing as well with fruits, candy, meats, vegetables and everything of turkish delights.

1686159-7-14276961381581686159-7-14276964965541686159-7-14276962573351686159-8-1429434326682Once again we played tourists, and we took the sightseeing bus in the city centre. We visited more markets, the mosques, the quay and took a sightseeing ferry as well. If I am not totally wrong, we took the bus over to the asian side of Istanbul as well.

The food we ate was delicious. Our friends introduced us to places they found nice, and they surely weren’t wrong. But, somehow I went to Turkey, and didn’t eat kebab. I have never been a fan of the kebab meat, so I didn’t wanted to try it even though I was offered it too many times. Haha, oh well.

1686159-11-14277297422911686159-8-1429435394894IMG_69541686159-11-14278992552061686159-11-14277288842511686159-11-1427729426626One of the things I love about travelling is to interact with the locals. In Istanbul they were so nice and friendly, but sure as hell good to sell, haha! They were really joyful, always with a smile on their face and always tried to make us laugh.



Barcelona 2014

All around the world, Spain

I want to keep my travel memories in one place, so I start by writing down a resumé of the travels I have been to after the wanderlust hit my sin and soul.

IMG_7381This blog post will be about my trip to Barcelona in 2014 with my family and my two best friends Synne and Jardar. The same year we also went to Copenhagen in Denmark, but we weren’t really good at taking photos on that trip so there will not be any.

Anyway, after a long and grey autumn in Norway, we had waited impatiently for the autumn holiday to begin. We were so exhausted from all the school work, which now seems like nothing, but then was much, so when it finally arrived we were ready to leave.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetBarcelona was amazing and the atmosphere was perfect. It was warm, but not so warm that we would melt and sweat away our make up, and the air smelled like late summer. We stayed at a hotel in the middle of the city centre, Las Ramblas, so we could go out in the evenings without my parents getting worried. The hotel was a three star hotel, I can’t remember the name right away, but it was absolutely worth the price; not the most luxurious but the location was perfect. We visited the famous food market, La Bouqueria, where we could find all kinds of foods; fruits, meat, nuts, candy etc.and went shopping in malls and shopping streets. We were a bit disappointed because Forever21 and Urban Outfitters were soon to come, but I really got my eyes opened for Brandy Melville on this trip.

We took the sightseeing bus around the city to get an overview of it. I love taking sightseeing buses with open roofs because it’s wonderful sitting above the ground with wind in the air and looking at the new and unexperienced environment. We stopped at different places, but in this writing moment I only remember the visit to the Barcelona football stadium.

IMG_8501IMG_8572When my family travel there is not much time to relax. Poor Synne and Jardar were really exhausted after all the walking, haha. We got half a day laying on the beach tanning and enjoying the sun wich was enriching for our tired brains.

To summarize, we had an amazing time and were really sad to leave. This is definitely a city to repay a visit to, and this trip is a memory for life.

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My name is Monica Jiang, and I am a norwegian chinese girl born and raised in Norway. I have tried so many blogplatforms, but I have never been able to stick to one because none have been able to satisfy my needs. Anyway, this time I will give a try, and voila, welcome to my new blog.

I have a passion for travelling and languages, and my goal in life is to learn as many languages and visit as many countries as possible. For as far as I have come in life, I have been so lucky to visit 16 different countries and learnt 4 different languages, norwegian, cantonese, french and english.  This blog will mostly be about my travels, but also my everyday life when I am not travelling and my interest for fashion and photography.