Yuexiu gōngyuán (park)

All around the world, China


This is the park nearby my grandparent´s appartment. I grew up in this park with my grandma and grandpa until I was three years old, so it is a bit special to be there. Unfortunately I don´t have any memories from this time, but I love to hear stories from it. I feel like this is a place I can call home._MG_2629_MG_2613

My grandmother always tells me stories from when I was little about how she used to take me to this park and how I walked around picking snails from the ground and ran around. I loved to feed the fishes, sing songs, pet the five goats that Guangzhou is known for, and I am pretty sure I learned how to count in this park when grandma and I counted the stair. _MG_2605_MG_2608_MG_2598

I moved back to Norway when I was three, and ever since, every time we have been to China we have visited this park. When we were smaller we used to love the amusement park there, but now we are a bit skeptic to the maintenance, haha. Cheers to childhood memories!_MG_2618


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