Barcelona 2014

All around the world, Spain

I want to keep my travel memories in one place, so I start by writing down a resumé of the travels I have been to after the wanderlust hit my sin and soul.

IMG_7381This blog post will be about my trip to Barcelona in 2014 with my family and my two best friends Synne and Jardar. The same year we also went to Copenhagen in Denmark, but we weren’t really good at taking photos on that trip so there will not be any.

Anyway, after a long and grey autumn in Norway, we had waited impatiently for the autumn holiday to begin. We were so exhausted from all the school work, which now seems like nothing, but then was much, so when it finally arrived we were ready to leave.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetBarcelona was amazing and the atmosphere was perfect. It was warm, but not so warm that we would melt and sweat away our make up, and the air smelled like late summer. We stayed at a hotel in the middle of the city centre, Las Ramblas, so we could go out in the evenings without my parents getting worried. The hotel was a three star hotel, I can’t remember the name right away, but it was absolutely worth the price; not the most luxurious but the location was perfect. We visited the famous food market, La Bouqueria, where we could find all kinds of foods; fruits, meat, nuts, candy etc.and went shopping in malls and shopping streets. We were a bit disappointed because Forever21 and Urban Outfitters were soon to come, but I really got my eyes opened for Brandy Melville on this trip.

We took the sightseeing bus around the city to get an overview of it. I love taking sightseeing buses with open roofs because it’s wonderful sitting above the ground with wind in the air and looking at the new and unexperienced environment. We stopped at different places, but in this writing moment I only remember the visit to the Barcelona football stadium.

IMG_8501IMG_8572When my family travel there is not much time to relax. Poor Synne and Jardar were really exhausted after all the walking, haha. We got half a day laying on the beach tanning and enjoying the sun wich was enriching for our tired brains.

To summarize, we had an amazing time and were really sad to leave. This is definitely a city to repay a visit to, and this trip is a memory for life.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset


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